21 - Charles-Lemoyne monument

This monument made in 2001, pays tribute to the memory to the founder of the lordship of Longueuil.
CHARLES LE-MOYNE arrive in New-France in 1641, and became interpreter of huron and iroquois languages. He made business in fur and became a prosperous business man. He obtained, in 1657, a grant of a farm of 50 acres wide, along the Saint-Lawrence River, by 100 acres deep. He obtained official letters of nobility in 1668, thus becoming the lord of Longueuil. The lordship grew as years went by. His son, Charles, became in 1700, the baron of Longueuil. The territory of the lordship extended, at its height, from Saint-Lawrence River to the Richelieu River.

Luc Laramee is the author of numerous sculptures among which the one of a bust of Louis Laberge, at the social seat of the Federation of the workers of Quebec. The sculptor chose to represent the person of Charles LeMoyne as a settler and a builder, as one of a captain at the prow of his ship. Charles Le Moyne prepare himself to leave a channel of water to go to his farms at Longueuil.

The historical and cultural society of the Marigot was founded, at Longueuil, in 1978. Annette Laramee, president of the historical and cultural society of the Marigot from 1983 to 1998 directed the sculpture project for many years before it was concluded by the next president, Michel Pratt.

This work received a major financial support from the City of Longueuil, under the administration of Mayor Claude Gladu, through the Society of development on the arts and culture of Longueuil. The project also received the financial help of Mrs, LouisHarel, minister of Municipal affairs and of the Metropolis, at the government of Quebec, of Mrs. Louise Beaudoin, minister of International Relations,, of the government of Quebec, of Mrs, Pauline Marois, first vice-president first vice-minister and minister of the treasury, of the government of Quebec, deputy to the Chamber of circonscription of Taillon, of Mrs. Cecile Vermette, deputy of the circonscription of Marie-Victorin, at the national Assembly of Quebec, of Mrs. Caroline Saint-Hilaire, deputy of the Chamber of Commons of Ottawa, of the circoncription of Longueuil and of Mrs. Yolande Thibeault, deputy of the Chamber of Commons of Ottawa, of the circonscription of Saint-Lambert.

Charles-Lemoyne monument